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LEADERS; Born or Made?

Are LEADERS Born or are they Made? This has been argued for centuries. However, when examined closely the answer is clear. Leaders are NOT born, they’re made!

 Think of someone you hold in high regard as a leader; what specific personality traits does this person possess?  How does this person relate to others, professionally and socially? How effective are they at getting results? Was this person born with these  leadership traits or were they developed?

 Let’s examine it this way; how many people do you know have what you would describe as great leadership traits and characteristics but never seem to get anything accomplished? Why don’t they?

 Everyone has the potential ability to lead. Yet some, that seem to have certain desirable leadership characteristics, rarely get things done.  Because very few possess the responsibility to develop their talents, traits and characteristics needed to lead. That takes self-leadership and before one can be an effective leader of men they must have the ability to lead themselves.

 Perhaps the question should be re-worded to read; LEADERS; Born, Made, Chosen or Followed? Now that makes this conversation more interesting. When you think of it, mankind chooses its leaders for various reasons, sometimes regardless of outward traits. Yet they follow their leaders only when the leader earns respect and drives results.

 Unfortunately today, many potential leaders fail to develop their leadership skills, earn the respect of others and thus are not followed and able to drive results. They lack the art of Self-Leadership, which is to develop their leadership traits.