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Is Your Leadership Showing?


4 Competentcies that good leaders demonstrate.

1. Visibility

We know that leaders need to be seen by followers–from formal presentations and announcements, to a crisis, to simple “managing by walking around.”  The less-obvious occasions, however, are easily overlooked.… Continue reading

Abandon Yourself!

Alexander the Great, the Greek king, once led his troops across a hot, arid desert. After nearly two weeks of marching, he and his soldiers were near death from thirst, yet Alexander pushed ahead.

In the noonday sun, two of… Continue reading

Valentines Day – Love Through Affirmation

Love Your Self!

Maintaining a positive attitude is critical to success.  Negative conditioning is all around us and it fuels negative attitudes. The attitudes that will fuel your future success are going to be the result of conditioning you… Continue reading

Top Ten Networking Blunders

#1 Don’t go!

Networking events can be… Continue reading