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Linking Individual Performance to Organizational Success

Entrepreneurial Leadership & Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking is a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is and what it does, with a focus on a predetermined future.

Strategic Thinking is the process of determining and envisioning the future to which you aspire and the growth you will have to realize to achieve that future state. It is a management tool which will help an organization do a better job focusing the energy of its employees and ensure they are all working toward the same goals. It is also a tool used to assess and clarify the organization’s direction and response to changing environments.

This process builds on our strategic planning design by adding personal leadership components all entrepreneurs need to unlock the door to personal and organizational success!


"John’s class helped me define a vison for our business. He has sensible ideas that work, not a lot of jargon and no time wasting. It will help people accomplish great things."

Owner/Manager, American Family Insurance Agency