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Linking Individual Performance to Organizational Success

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Team Building

Creating high performing teams begins with the leadership of the organization. In today's business environment, creating high performing teams is a critical component to building a successful organization and maintaining a competitive edge in a rapidly changing marketplace.

We believe that creating high performing teams begins with the leadership of the organization. Leadership's role is to create the environment that allows teams to be successful by creating and providing a clear vision that empowers employees to succeed. By encouraging employees to think outside of the box, to do things differently, to be creative and innovative, leaders empower their employees to accomplish the organization’s goals – they provide employees with accountability.


In order to create an environment for high performing teams, many organizations are moving from managing their organization in the traditional vertical format to managing their organization in a horizontal format. The horizontal format is much more effective in building high performing teams because the organization is able to create teams that have members from various departments (cross-functional teams). This prevents a silo mentality and places the focus on the end result – serving your customers and ultimately achieving your organizational goals, which has a positive impact to your bottom line.

Does your organization have the environment necessary to create high performing teams? What might you need to do differently?

We have developed a workshop that can be delivered to all levels of leadership and employees which will enable an organization either create a team environment or change the existing team structure from being good teams to high performing teams.

"I hired John as a personal business coach to assist with innovative ideas for my sales team. His professionalism, enthusiasm and experience inspired us to achieve great things. John is truly a pleasure to work with and his processes would be an asset to any team."

District Sales Manager – AmFam